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Looking for happy hiphop beats.

2009-03-06 20:46:45 by Burly

I've done too many negative/sad sounding songs, anyone know where to get some good positive beats? I've found a couple, just wondering if anyone else knows or has more.


My first solo submission, 'Hardships' is on the front audio page!

All I can say is wow. What started out as a test to furthering myself as an artist has had a far greater turnout of fanfare than I expected.

Thank you guys! More to come from me and Dex (both solo submissions and colabs).

2009 is definitely going to be our year.


Small Setback

2009-01-12 21:01:38 by Burly

Well, so I'm moved into my new apartment in Boston. I'm currently working as an artist at a studio here. I'll post some pictures up later. You can visit my company's website at

So now to the reason why I posted this. My Hard Drive just crashed a few days ago, so I've lost everything I had. Some songs will be severely delayed because of this. No worries though, I think it'll be alright once I get going on re-writing them. And Dex has some of my stuff, so that'll help a lot too.

Yo! We're fuggin back!!!!

2008-12-23 01:17:42 by Burly

If by some act of complete fate you are reading this right now. I first want to say welcome, and second I want to say check out the new song Burly & Dex just dropped LINK (that's us in case you didn't know).

The song was written a while ago, but still bangs none-the-less. Underground rhymes for your mind all the way!

Things in my life have just picked up and changed drastically for the better. So now that I'm on solid ground financially, physically, and mentally, you'll be seeing a ton of more content coming from Dex and I.

In fact, my first Newgrounds solo song should be dropping within the week. After that, me and Dex got a couple of in your face songs that we've been waiting to bust out for some time now. Just keep checking back to either of our home pages, we'll let you know what's up.

Dex and I don't exactly know where this is going to go yet. All we just ask that our fans show their support in spreading the word about our music and show us love. Look out for us big time in 2009, things are just starting to heat up.

Yo! We're fuggin back!!!!


2008-08-14 17:21:14 by Burly

What's up everyone? Coming fresh out of the woodwork with my buddy Dex and we got some true hip-hop for ya.

See, I'm a gyspy of sorts. I've moved from Colorado, to CA, to FL, up to upstate NY, back to FL, and currently kicking it back in Colorado again. Whew. Taking it all one step at a time trying to get my life back together. It's been a crazy 21 years so far, but I'll save the details for the songs ;).

Things I love are:

-underground hip-hop with a message
-video games
-sports (when I have the time)

Groups that have inspired my lyricism are:

-Swollen Members
-Cunnin Lynguists
-Living Legends
-Sweatshop Union
-Dialated Peoples/Evidence
-Dead Prez
-Deltron 3030
-Dr. Dre
-De La Soul
-Fort Minor
-Wutang Clan
-L.I.F.E. Long
-Weerd Science
-Blu & Exile
-Tupac (R.I.P.)

If you want to know more just message n' stuff. Peace!