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Front page...again!

2009-12-06 20:25:20 by Burly

Thanks guys. Decietful Conscience and 10th November both make second appearances on the best tracks ever...again!!!

To my fans. I am extremely sorry for my absence, I do have a busy life outside of ng and sometimes it's nice to take a break. But this is what I love to do, I love inspiring people. Stay tuned for more tracks. I love you guys!


Front page...again!


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2010-01-08 23:21:55

Not sure you'll even see this but apparently since I already commented on the song, I can't comment again.
Anyway, I heard this song by Sara Bareilles called Winter Song
( DJ4iA&feature=channel )
Not sure, but it is the same beat basically and was just wondering...
Your song is still great in and of itself, just wanted to figure this out.


2010-01-21 09:20:17

GRATZ! fam.

got a hot new track up. check it out bro. Review it.
thx fam. stay up!

~Rymix n/305648