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2009-09-26 10:10:03 by Burly

I know I've been promising music and I know at least some people are hungry for it. And I also know I get bit in the ass every time I say I'm going to release something.

The truth is, life is too short....

And I don't think I have the time to keep up with newgrounds anymore...

Not saying good bye, but I'm just going to step back and get some more tracks going. Come back with a bang in the future. As of right now, for once I feel like everything is going just right and I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

So I'm off to enjoy this short life. I hope some people do the same too. :)

P.S. one more track coming before this break. Keep a lookout for it, it's coming soon!

P.S.P.S. Nvm, I'm done trying to tell the future.


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2009-10-06 17:52:50


but dont enjoy so much that u leave eager Burly listeners like me

starved of your songs....

lol i only give warnings once... na fuck it

Enjoy your life and dont take it too serious

after all no one comes out alive...

Burly responds:

Thanks man, it does mean a lot to know people care. I'm going to try to get some more stuff, I'm always writing. Just gotta find the time + energy to record and then mix and master. I'll be around, just need some thinking time I think. Heh.


2009-10-15 15:20:52

Well Have a good life fam. And Hope to see u on the come back. I took a break too. There for a sec we were both dropping alot of songs, Im glad to have been apart of the Burly times. I realized that This is what i am, and i couldnt stay away anymore. I write all the time, and i enjoy it. It's my passion So im not letting it go away because like every skill one has it can deminish after time. u kno? then its gonna be harder to pick yourself back up. This is what i wanna be in life. Thats why im making my own solo album called "Rymix'd Progression". but n e wayz. think about your passion. and if its worth it.
Stay up man.
I got some new fire out
C u when u bring ur's again


Burly responds:

Heh, thanks man, means a lot to hear that from a great artist such as yourself. I'm not leaving because I'm falling out of it or anything, just no time, I still write. I honestly don't know if I'd be here today without this music so I don't think I can stop. Things are just doing a lot better than they were a year ago and I'm starting to want to just enjoy life a little bit. It's kinda funny that you mentioned this cuz you might want to check back in a month or so, I've got some stuff cook'n on the backburner and I think it might surprise some people about me.

I'm glad you've found your passion man, it's good to hear. This is my passion but right now I've got another passion that's a little more stable when it comes to paying the bills. It's good to have a fallback passion lol, I don't know how long I'm going to love animation, we'll see. Can't wait to hear the album dude.

Thanks for the kind words, I've been getting things here and there from people and it really is the sole reason I still do this, knowing that it helps others out there.

Stay up man, peace!