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New songs, Sunday.

2009-09-17 23:28:05 by Burly


Not one...but two new songs NEXT Sunday. Another Burly & Dex Banger, and also a solo track from me that will indeed surprise many. Don't know if it'll be in a good or bad way yet lol. We'll see, kinda nervous about, but I know how well they smell fear so I'm just gonna let the music do the talking.

I have a very full life as it is, so please be patient with me. The music will always come, it just takes time. 2009 has definitely been one hell of a breakout year for me & Dex's style's both. It aint over yet!

*Edited to next sunday, I think I'd have to rush it to get them done, so it'd be better next Sunday. :)


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