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My 10 favorite albums of all time.

2009-09-13 21:05:12 by Burly

1. Black Magic (Swollen Members)
2. Below the Heavens (Blu & Exile)
3. So Far/So True EP (Inverse)
4. Will Rap for Food (CunninLynguists)
5. Strange Journey (CunninLynguists)
6. S.o.n.o.g.r.a.m. (One Be Lo)
7. The Weatherman LP (Evidence)
8. The Rising Tied (Fort Minor)
9. Cheerful Robots (The Crest)
10. Celestial Clockwork (Illogic)

Damn this is a hard list to make. Will have to make a different kind of list for later. Hopefully it gives some insight into how I've developed my own sound. Lots of people think it came out of no-where because they are used to hearing absolute garbage when it comes to hiphop.

My 10 favorite albums of all time.


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2009-09-17 19:44:17

Black Magix was an amazing album, but i personally liked the Rising Tied and The Third World Better

Burly responds:

I loved the beats and direction of rising tied, but overall felt like music for a little younger audience (highschool mostly). Not a bad thing, not dissing at all lol, I tend to like my hiphop where you can really feel the scars of life through the music. Both amazing albums though. All the albums on that list I love to death. Wanted to put on so many more.