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Cunninlynguists at the QN5 MEGA SHOW!!!!!!

2009-08-05 09:23:41 by Burly

Cunninlynguists performing all of their A Piece of Strange album live with Club Dub, and all of the QN5 rappers this Friday in NYC.

I've never gotten to see Cunninlynguists live...they saved my life, they were my entry into underground hiphop, it's really a once in a lifetime event (especially since it's never going to be duplicated ever again!).

I don't care about autographs or anything, all I want to do is shake Decon and Kno's hand and thank them for what they've done. Hope I don't get choked up! Lol.

I'll let you know all know how it goes!

Peace (and see you there hopefully)

Cunninlynguists at the QN5 MEGA SHOW!!!!!!


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2009-08-11 05:52:53

dammit your song winter of the heart gave me new inspiration at the perfect moment, im struggling on a writers block since a few days smashing my head against the wall but thanks to this song i got some new ideas

Burly responds:

Glad I could be of some help :)