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Rock'n that shit.

2009-06-29 14:04:51 by Burly

Wow, I got to work and couldn't believe what I saw. Can't thank you guys enough for the support! That shit is amazing right there.

EDIT* It's kind of hard to see with the compression of the screenshot, but pretty much all mine and Dex's songs are rocking the top spots. You guys fucking rock!

Rock'n that shit.


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2009-06-29 21:24:58

I think you are an amazing artist
which is why i would like to have a lil rap battle
i was number one for a bit
then you stepped in
so lets see who is better

Burly responds:

Thank you.

I'm sorry, but I don't do battles. Just not my thing.

I'd rather keep focusing on poetry for now.


2009-06-30 18:42:48

Hey burly, let's battle. But not rap. I mean Online rock em sock em robots. LET'S DO THIS SHIT!!


2009-07-01 15:24:43

HELL YAH WE ROCK!!! WE DA FANS!!! Nah but excellent job on the top spots man, yah we vote but we gotta have somethin [beastly] to vote on! Keep up the great work.


2009-07-01 23:14:21

I feel the same way about battling. No one battles in any other genre of music, I think the philosophy of battling in general is weird. We should make an indie track with just an acoustic guitar and sing battle.

Burly responds:

Omg, that would be so epic.


2009-07-02 02:17:09

Wow, I'm glad that a lot of people seem to be feeling our tracks so that means we just have to start releasing these tracks a bit quicker :P


2009-07-02 03:12:33

that's a brilliant idea tingtonger. I'm in for that LMAO


2009-07-05 22:02:39

Lol im on that chart about 4 times :D

Hi Burly im ur hugest Fan! O_O

( >_<) i know others say there huger fans

but im by far teh hugest :D

Burly responds:

Shut up and make some fucking beats for me...Lol.


2009-07-18 18:21:38

Inspirational + Relate-able = your music

when we gona hear some more

peace from tha UK!

Burly responds:


Got a couple songs from me and Hellz about to drop on his profile.

Kinda funny...guess we are world wide because of this internet thing. :D